End of Life Care

support for you and your loved one

Facing End of Life

It can be scary to be at the end of our own lives, or watch someone walk to the end of theirs. We need support emotionally, physically, and spiritually through each stage of transition. As an end of life doula I am here to support you and your loved ones, no matter where you are on that journey.

~From conversations about what to expect physically to completing unfinished business and everything in between~

Legacy Projects

This offering is for those who need some help and/or guidance with any projects or tasks that they would like to complete. This can include advanced directives, obituary drafting, or final letters/videos to those who will be left behind. When we tie up loose ends we have more time and space to spend quality time with loved ones.

Care Taker Support

Care taking is a HUGE task that can be taxing & exhausting in many different ways. The caretaker’s support can only be given when they are taking care of themselves also. Yoga Nidra (aka Deep Relaxation) can help ease stress and anxiety for both caretaker and patient.

Spiritual & Emotional Support

Questions about letting go? Support within the context of a certain religion? Exploration of different rituals that will bring peace. Have the freedom to ask for what you need, and just have someone to talk to. All conversations are confidential unless otherwise requested.

“A spiritual practice can give us a refuge, a shelter in which to develop insight to what is happening both outside and within our minds and hearts. It can provide stability, which is just as important for caretakers as is is for those of us actively dying.”

Joan Halifax
Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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